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SAN migration and implementation

We are planning to implement SAN (HP EVA 3000). We are presently using three HP Unix Servers for SAP. Please suggest some possible methods for moving the data from the servers to SAN. We are also looking for a sample plan for SAN implementation.

Since they'll be the best people to help you lay out the LUNS in the storage array according to their best practices, I would have the storage vendor do it for you as a service. If you go to a former Compaq help page (you will now be re-directed to the new HP site), you'll find whitepapers and best practices on how to lay out your data within the storage array as it pertains to the SAP application.

You will need specific HBAs for your environment, so make sure the vendor helps you out with those also. I'm sure your going to put at least 2 HBAs in each server to form an NSPOF (no single point of failure) solution, and HP can also help you out with the path failover software.


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