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5 Reasons Why All-Flash Storage on Oracle Is Essential for Application Owners

If you are responsible for a key application at your company, you already have a lot to worry about. You need to respond to the needs of the business faster than ever, probably with fewer resources. You have to meet stricter service-level agreements for application performance, also with fewer resources. And you need to keep up with the latest application tools and development platforms that improve developer productivity.

The last thing you probably want to think about is the underlying database. Let IT handle that, right? Well, no. In order to meet your own goals and objectives, the database is key. If, like many organizations, you are running on Oracle, you need to maximize performance to meet your SLAs. You also need to drive efficiencies to control costs, while improving application development to accelerate time to value.

All-flash storage can help you meet all of these objectives. Here’s how:

No. 1: Performance
With all-flash storage, your Oracle database will run much faster than ever—orders of magnitude faster, in fact. You will be able to conduct more transactions in reduced time frames and your customers and employees will have access to more resources. Productivity and customer satisfaction will rise, and you will have no issues with meeting your SLAs.

No. 2: Agility
All-flash storage will enable you to be more agile in responding to the needs of your business, without requiring additional resources. With the right flash storage solution, you can leverage cloud-like capabilities such as pooled resources, self-service provisioning and automation. You will also be able to leverage faster access to analytics to drive competitive advantage and address customer needs in real time.


No. 3: Developer Productivity
We are in a new world. You can’t wait weeks or months for a new application, then test it, send it back for revisions, test it again, send it back again, etc. You need rapid application development cycles that produce bug-free applications. Therefore, you want your teams to leverage the latest application tools and development platforms so your applications support mobile platforms, social networking, collaboration and/or any of the other key factors driving today’s users. Pure Storage all-flash solutions have an architecture that is extremely efficient for development, making it much simpler for developers to build new applications and set up independent platforms to test them.

No. 4: Availability
If your applications are down or your Oracle database is experiencing major bottlenecks, you are probably not making any money and you are not making your customers or employees very happy. With an all-flash solution you can leverage technology features—such as a true active/active controller architecture or a modular design—to achieve five-nines availability that is so resilient it doesn’t tolerate even planned downtime.

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No. 5: Costs
You have to do more with fewer resources. Flash storage can help when it comes to the Oracle database. For one thing, your servers will operate much more efficiently. This means you can reduce the number of cores and thereby reduce your Oracle licensing costs. Also, you can significantly reduce your storage footprint by utilizing the advanced deduplication and compression technologies that are only available in flash storage. Finally, you can leverage innovative pricing models, such as Evergreen Storage from Pure Storage, to purchase your storage in a service-like model that significantly reduces total cost of ownership. To give a sense of the extent of these potential savings, a Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Research™ estimated that a typical global mid-market enterprise would experience an average increase in profitability of more than $960,000 over a three-year period using the Evergreen Storage model.1

If you’re an application owner, it’s time to get involved and make sure your Oracle database is delivering the performance, agility, availability and cost efficiencies your business demands. It’s time to make sure your IT team is using all-flash storage.

1The Total Economic Impact of Pure Storage FlashArray FA-400 Series Storage Solutions,” Forrester Research, August 2014