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SAN planning-Related information

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  • EMC DMX vs. Centera

    Ask the Expert -  SAN expert Greg Schulz answers a reader's question regarding EMC DMX vs. Centera storage devices.

  • Multipath I/O: Guarantee redundancy during HBA failure (almost!)

    Tip -  Microsoft's Multipath I/O (MPIO) is designed to mitigate the effects of a HBA failure, by providing an alternate data path between devices. Learn why MPIO doesn't completely eliminate the possibility of problems if an HBA fails and what you can do ensure...

  • Director vs. switch

    Ask the Expert -  Storage expert Greg Schulz outlines things to consider when choosing switches for a SAN.

  • Multipath I/O and failover: The differences

    Tip -  Storage expert Rick Cook discusses the major differences between failover and multipath I/O and clears up common misconceptions about each.

  • ISCSI network configuration, design and optimization

    Tip -  It's a must to consider more than just cabling when designing an iSCSI-based storage network. Learn to look at the bigger picture when configuring or optimizing an iSCSI-based storage network.

  • HBAs: Are dual HBAs worth the investment?

    Ask the Expert -  Storage networking expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader debating whether to invest in dual HBAs for their SAN.

  • SATA port: Can you run multiple drives off of one?

    Ask the Expert -  Storage networking expert Greg Schulz discusses how to run multiple drives off a SATA port.

  • Implementing SAS storage

    Tip -  This tip offers advice on how to carefully lay out your topology, choose an appropriate mix of SAS and SATA drives and plan for future growth before setting up a SAS system.