Advanced network attached storage

Storage Advanced network attached storage:

Advanced network attached storage

Network attached storage technology is evolving. Important features, like scalability, can provide hundreds of terabytes of NAS space, while virtualization helps administrators organize and allocate NAS resources. If you're already familiar with NAS basics, this Guide focuses on the advanced hardware and architecture features, management concepts and backup practices.

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Advanced network attached storage overview:

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  • Advanced NAS guide

    26 Oct 2007

    Article -  Network attached storage (NAS) technology connects storage to the LAN using an ordinary Ethernet port, usually simplifying enterprise storage. NAS systems are often complete file servers that integrate a NAS controller and a storage array, allowing data...

NAS backup:

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  • File services frenzy

    Tip -  Recently, storage vendors that have lagged behind in the NAS market are displaying sudden bursts of energy and playing catch-up.

  • NAS and disk-to-disk backup

    Ask the Expert -  Randy Kerns discusses using a Promise SX8000 disk array for backup.

  • Creating a centralized, mirrored backup enviornment

    (presented by

    Ask the Expert -  Storage hardware expert Brendan Reilly offers advice on creating a centralized, mirrored backup enviornment.

NAS hardware and architecture:

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  • NAS vs. DAS

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns offers advice to a reader who is considering whether to use NAS or DAS.

  • NICs in NAS systems

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns answers the question: "Is it typical, when using a NAS appliance, that a host/server would have 2xNICs installed?"

  • NAS appliance vs. homegrown file server

    Ask the Expert -  NAS expert Randy Kerns outlines why he believes purchasing a vendor offering of a NAS product has advantages over rolling your own file server.


NAS management:

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  • Rein in NAS with file virtualization

    Feature -  NAS filers have sprung up largely unchecked in many companies, creating major management headaches and forcing companies to reevaluate how they handle this critical piece of storage infrastructure. File virtualization appliances can address multiple...

  • Kerberos and its place in NAS authentication

    Tip -  Kerberos security has been around since the 1980s, but many people are still unfamiliar with how it works. Storage expert Christopher Poelker explains how NAS environments can benefit from the use of Kerberos.

  • Taming NAS sprawl and file management

    Tip -  This tip looks at how NAS can be used to address file management woes as well as how to tame NAS and file server sprawl.