ViPR drill-down: Data plane and control plane

ViPR was unveiled earlier this week at EMC World 2013, and IT pros and analysts are still learning more about EMC Corp.'s newest offering and what it could mean for the company going forward. Randy Kerns, a senior analyst at Boulder, Colo.-based Evaluator Group, discusses ViPR's potential in this SearchStorage video.

"It's certainly an aggressive and big-picture departure for EMC," Kerns said.

EMC's new software-defined storage product is being pitched as a way for storage pros and data center managers to merge heterogeneous arrays into a single storage pool. Kerns said the ViPR architecture can be separated into two areas: the control plane and the data plane.

The control plane is "the idea that we had a long time ago when storage virtualization was first announced -- that we can homogenize the management of all the storage. That really didn't get accomplished with the virtualization solutions we had. And now EMC is doing that with the control plane part of ViPR," Kerns said.

"The data plane is separate. It's about the commodity or generic storage systems out there today that don't necessarily communicate or have the data formats you may need for certain applications," he said. The data plane will translate for access into existing storage systems, Kerns said, and the control plane can work across any third-party storage platform, as well as the data plane.

"The fundamental concept behind this is to simplify access -- [to] make the administration of storage much easier and then implement automation around that. [That makes] storage just 'be there,' and the features and characteristics are just settings you use when you provision or control storage," Kerns said.

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