Storage Decisions TechTalk: Dennis Martin on SSD trends

In part one of this Storage Decisions TechTalk video, Dennis Martin, founder and president of Demartek Labs, discusses some of the latest SSD trends, such as developments of triple-layer cell flash, PCIe-based SSD and improvements to MLC flash.

Martin says there is a lot of activity going on in the field to make solid-state technology more reliable and affordable to meet the needs of enterprises today. One SSD trend he discusses in the video is increasing SSD endurance and performance driven by developments at the controller level.

"We are starting to see not only endurance things being added, but we are also seeing performance things being added to bring it up to the level -- to bring MLC and even TLC, eventually, up to the levels close to where SLC is today, because you are trying to offset the cost. We are seeing data optimization; we are seeing clever ways of using memory, that sort of thing. There is a lot of secret sauce out there that is being improved," says Martin.

Martin says that enterprise users should pay attention to SSD stats that are useful, such as performance, the kind of interface or the warranty.

"For an enterprise, you certainly want to know about endurance and you certainly want to know about performance; you want the warranty. We are now seeing five-year warranty and 10-year warranty in some cases, so that is a good thing. You should look at how the products are designed. If you are looking at an individual drive, then you want to know about the interface … If you are looking at a whole array-based product, then you want to look at how the array itself is designed. How are they getting the bandwidth from the drives, through the array and back out to the host? What is the design principle they are using for cache, for the drive interfaces? You should look at all of that," says Martin.

Watch part 2 of this video series in which Dennis Martin talks about SSD performance costs.

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