Storage Decisions TechTalk: Dennis Martin on SSD performance, costs

Solid-state storage technology is making rapid strides in the consumer electronics space and is poised to do the same in the enterprise. In part two of this Storage Decisions TechTalk video on SSD trends, Dennis Martin, founder and president of Demartek Labs, discusses the performance and costs of solid-state technology.

Martin notes that while SSDs may not totally match the price-per-gigabyte cost of spinning disk hard drives, the performance of SSDs will close much of that price gap.

"At some point, especially when you look at enterprise hard drives [such as] the 10K and the 15K hard drives, the price gap there, between those drives and SSDs, is getting less and less," he says.

"As prices come down, utilization of SSDs will grow over time," says Martin.

"I would say right now we are in a transition period, just like we were around 100 years ago between horse and buggy and cars. There was a period there where both are available and both are around, but there is a shift happening. Over time, we are going to go more and more to SSDs," he says.

Martin also notes that due to the increased speed performance of SSD, data bottlenecks will now move outside of the storage system.

"We have been doing a lot of testing with SSDs in our lab and we have begun to see interesting things happen when you put SSDs, especially in large quantities, in a system. We have seen bottlenecks move now away from storage, which is the first time I have ever seen this, to either the network or, in some cases, CPU [utilization] goes way up … People are going to have to rethink both their networking and their CPU physical-to-virtual ratios because of SSDs," says Martin.

Watch Part 1 of this video series in which Dennis Martin talks about SSD trends.

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