Server virtualization benefits from flash in terms of I/O performance

The nature of storage has changed, said Steve Duplessie, founder of the analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), during this Storage Decisions seminar. As the rise of server virtualization puts increased demands on I/O performance and the need for better resource management, flash can deliver server virtualization benefits, he said.

"You're going to have to make sure your storage infrastructure is [capable of] smarter and heavy caching. It has to be able to move stuff based on demands at literally very granular… points in time that are going to be different hour over hour.... [and] it's truly impossible for you to keep up. So I'm a huge advocate [of] flash and everything else, in smarter stuff, smarter caching [and] intelligent data placement," said Duplessie. He said IT pros will have to rely on the technology to manage the resource-allocating tasks that make these processes work.

"I don't know what percentage of your job is dealing with performance -- application-oriented performance -- but it's too high. Whatever it is, it's too high. And it's my guess that it's much more today than it was last year, and it's going to be worse next year than it is this year. The reason that is [so is] because we didn't have I/O problems, you were never the performance end of the problem, and now you are…. There are no tools to help visualize this stuff," said Duplessie in discussing how flash benefits server virtualization I/O performance.  

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