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Sanbolic CEO: We've been doing SDS from the start

A while back, hearing the phrase "software-defined storage" made Sanbolic CEO Momchil Michailov a bit uncomfortable. Since Sanbolic was founded in 2000, Michailov said, Sanbolic had been working on the idea that traditional storage infrastructures would eventually give way to commodity hardware and sophisticated software -- such as Sanbolic's Melio 5. Then along came the software-defined storage craze -- and everyone, it seemed, was claiming to be first in a space where Sanbolic had been working for years. "For a while, we were rebelling against it," Michailov said. "The concept of us fitting in a bucket after 12 years of developing the platform wasn't suiting us very well."

In this video interview excerpt with SearchVirtualStorage, in advance of a scheduled Sanbolic Melio 5 update, Michailov talked about the changing economies of storage as he sees it and how customers can leverage existing infrastructures to make the most of new technologies. "The past six months have been an eye-opening experience," Michailov said, because large companies have shown more willingness to change their storage models -- even more so than some of the small and midsize customers.

"What we believe software-defined storage is -- and it should be -- is really tackling the data problem," Michailov said. "Storage is just what holds that data; the data is what actually counts.

"I think what we bring to the table is that we have done this for 13 years; we have north of 850 customers at this point worldwide. You get the maturity of that platform; you get it also in a workload-agnostic fashion. I think that's one of the big pieces."

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