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Martin: Know your storage needs before installing a solid-state drive

Dennis Martin, president of Demartek, outlines in this Storage Decisions presentation some of the most important things to consider before installing a solid-state drive (SSD). "What are your requirements? How much performance do you need?" he asked his audience.

"The interface [of a traditional disk drive] is rated for 600 [IOPS], but the drive itself isn't going to come anywhere near that. Any physical drives are going to be around 100, 200 [IOPS] on a good day … SSD IOPS are in the tens of thousands and higher. So, it's a big difference," he said.

Martin said that administrators should know the block sizes used by the apps that are running in storage systems, as well as the virtual machines and operating systems running on physical servers.

With SSDs, Martin said, different drives are suited to different workloads, so it is important to select the right drive for your organization's needs. "SSDs, random, sequential, depending on the make, some of them are better than others, some it's the other way," he said. "It's a different animal." And, he noted, hard disk drives do well with sequential reads. So, depending on the workload, traditional disk may suit your needs.

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