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Marc Staimer on private cloud storage

According to Marc Staimer, founder and president of Beaverton, Ore.-based Dragon Slayer Consulting, private cloud storage is a conglomeration of technologies designed to serve storage to servers and applications on an on-demand basis.

Private cloud storage is most often used in the enterprise as an archive, but it can also be a viable option for storing unstructured file data, and even SAN or block data. But deploying private cloud storage can be a big project. In this interview from TechTarget's Storage Decisions seminar in Chicago, Staimer warns against some of the main problems and misconceptions IT pros have about private cloud storage.

First, he said, the perception that private clouds provide better security isn't necessarily a reality. "It's kind of like a security blanket -- if you can see where your data is, you have better control of your data. Not necessarily true," he said.

Staimer also pointed out that private cloud storage projects are complicated, and it's important for enterprises not to take on more than they can handle. "It's better to start with a pilot, see how it goes [and] expand it slowly, making sure it's going to work the way you think it's going to work," he said.

Watch the video to gain more of Staimer's insights on private cloud storage, including the difference between private clouds and storage virtualization, the best types of physical devices for private clouds and how to avoid latency issues.

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