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EMC storage products related to ViPR, Pivotal represent new worldview

Are we seeing a sea change from EMC Corp.? At the very least, the Pivotal and ViPR technologies that received so much attention at EMC World 2013 represent a new way of thinking for the company, according to Mark Peters, a senior analyst at Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Strategy Group.

In this SearchStorage expert video, Peters reacted to the latest EMC storage products news announced at EMC's annual user conference. "Two of the biggest things here -- Pivotal and ViPR -- constitute EMC's view of where it is going in the future [and] where the world is going in the future," he said.

That new worldview apparently means EMC acknowledging that customers will mix and match storage products from EMC and competitors.

"One of the things that came through really strongly in the last day or two, both in the keynotes [and] in the breakouts, has been the word 'choice.' This is not a word that is commonly seen, heard or used around EMC World. And if it is, it's 'You can choose which EMC product you would like,'" Peters said.

"I think I saw NetApp logos on stage. I've seen Microsoft logos on stage. I've seen all sorts of logos I wouldn't usually see. So EMC is embracing this new world," he said.

This willingness to embrace change is also seen in EMC's relationship with VMware, Peters said, which has led to some friction, but also resulted in having more than one source of innovation for the company.

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