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EMC acquisition of DSSD a 'bellwether' for solid-state market, analyst says

LAS VEGAS -- While EMC World 2014 continues, the firm's acquisition of startup chipmaker DSSD keeps generating interest, with one analyst calling the transaction a 'bellwether' for the solid-state market.

Randy Kerns, senior strategist at Evaluator Group, said the deal is "one of these areas that is very important to look at as we transition from spinning disk technology for storage to solid-state technology."

He explained that "most of the solid-state technology used today is mapping data from blocks onto their memory devices. DSSD represents a change, rather than trying to map and work like spinning disk, but to exploit characteristics of solid-state directly."

EMC's DSSD acquisition "will be very important to watch and a bellwether for what other companies are going to do as they move forward with solid-state as a storage medium rather than working like everything's been designed for spinning disk for a period of time," Kerns noted. "This is a very important development and it will be interesting to watch."

Meanwhile, as Symantec Vision 2014 got underway, Kerns shared news about the company's release of Backup Exec 2014.

Calling it a "refresh" of the company's Backup Exec product, Kerns said, "I think it will be a major value proposition for [Symantec], coming out with a new version that will hopefully, for them, really regain the momentum in that market space with [a] product that's been around for a while and [has] been really, really successful."

This year's Symantec Vision continues the "transformation they're undergoing with their company," he said. "They are trying to adapt to a new world and get to the new opportunities they have with their new solutions."

Symantec also unveiled "new strategies and new versions of particular products" that it will announce over the next few months. "It will be interesting to watch how they deliver and achieve the success they are targeting with all the changes they made both with executive management and in the product portfolio," Kerns noted.

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