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EMC World 2014: Quiet year expected for product launches

LAS VEGAS -- As EMC World 2014 opens, Senior News Director Dave Raffo predicts this year's conference will focus more on product upgrades than product launches.

"It's best to take a step back and look at recent shows," Raffo said in this video filmed just before the start of the annual event. "EMC really changed the tone of EMC World last year. Until then, it was one massive product rollout -- all the products for the year would be announced at the show.

"Last year, they got away from that," he added. "They only announced ViPR at the show, which really didn't come out until the fall. EMC really turned the conference into a software-defined storage discussion."

That said, EMC did announce the next version of ViPR when the event opened Monday morning, as well as the launch of the EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Appliance. The products are the benchmarks of what EMC is expected to focus on during the four-day conference -- the cloud and software-defined storage.

"I think that's what we can expect this year [at EMC World 2014],"Raffo said. "EMC will talk a lot about the cloud and the cloud across the data center, both private and public, and using IT as a service, especially in data protection, backup and recovery. We'll hear a lot about flash as well, maybe not in product releases, but feature adds to products already out there."

Raffo continued: "These are areas where technologies have gone beyond the beta stage and early adopter stage and have gone mainstream. A lot of EMC customers out here have mandates from CIOs to start implementing technologies."

EMC unveiled ViPR at last year's EMC World, and began shipping the software last fall. The EMC ECS Appliance, known as Project Nile during its beta, is designed for public and hybrid clouds. ECS is built on the ViPR platform.

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