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EMC World 2014: Day One news wrap

While EMC announced ViPR 2.0 and launched the EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Appliance on the opening day of EMC World 2014, it was its acquisition of startup chip-maker DSSD that was a surprise, according to Dave Raffo, senior news director with

Raffo termed EMC's announcement of ViPR 2.0 as "nothing earth-shattering there," saying it will add some features such as block storage and support for Hitachi Data Systems' arrays and commodity storage, "which EMC talked about when they launched ViPR last year, so we knew it was coming."

The ECS Appliance -- known as Project Nile during its beta -- is designed for public and hybrid clouds. The unified system uses ViPR running on the vendor's Atmos hardware, and will scale to 2.9 PB in one rack. EMC bills ECS as a way to build cloud storage more cheaply than going to public clouds.

Raffo termed the ECS Appliance as "a storage appliance for private clouds, enterprises and service providers who don't want to rely on Amazon, Google and Microsoft public clouds."

But it's the DSSD acquisition that got Raffo's attention.

He called the company a "flash chip startup" that is making "server-side flash built for in-memory databases primarily, so it will require strong performance, low latency and reliability because in-memory databases are persistent; if there's a problem, there's no data protection. If the data is lost, it's lost."

Raffo said EMC likely sees an opening in the server-side flash market "and there probably is a big market for it. There's nobody out there yet. That doesn't mean somebody can't beat them to it."

While EMC did not disclose the acquisition price, Raffo said, "EMC seems to be impressed with the management team and the technology behind the product."

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Must be a slow news day when we get replays of stories that had no news anyway.