EMC World 2012: EMC SSD strategy is 'flash everywhere'

LAS VEGAS -- The EMC SSD strategy was among the most important stories we covered at EMC World 2012. The company is pushing for flash locations throughout the data center and aims to provide customers with a variety of SSD flavors. According to EMC CEO Joe Tucci, “Anybody who tells you it’s a one-size-fits-all world is just missing the boat.”

The EMC SSD strategy is to offer flash in the server, as SSDs alongside hard drives in their arrays, flash appliances connected to the server and all-flash storage arrays.

Senior editor Andrew Burton sat down with industry analysts and SearchStorage.com staffers to talk about the EMC SSD strategy outlined at the show. Check out our video or some of the key quotes below.

“EMC laid out its flash strategy very much at EMC World. They’ve been talking about it all along, but they’ve reinforced it here. “Their main focus is ‘flash everywhere.’” - Dave Raffo, senior news director, SearchStorage.com

“There are going to be myriad versions, implementations and types of flash. It just makes sense. If you look at the storage world that we’ve been used to, we’ve always had myriad implementations and types of regular spinning storage. Because it all costs different, it all does different things. And there’s no reason flash will be any different.” - Mark Peters, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

“One of the most interesting things with flash that was very underplayed by the EMC execs is the new generation of VNX, EMC’s high-end array, will now act as a virtualization engine in front of older EMC or older other vendor disk arrays, and FAST, EMC’s automated Sub-LUN tiering software in the VNX, will use flash in the VNX to accelerate the storage on those other arrays.” - Howard Marks, chief scientist, DeepStorage.net

“So what it all comes back to is that, in the industry today, there’s industry adoption, what everybody’s talking about doing, and then there’s customer deployments. What you’re thinking about doing, or maybe already experimenting with is that it comes back to what do you use, and when, where, why and how.” - Greg Schulz, senior analyst, StorageIO Group

“Now we know that with solid-state storage, that about 25% of our readers are currently using (solid-state storage). We’ve seen that number climb steadily over the last couple years. That’s a pretty big percentage for a technology that’s very new and still quite expensive.” - Rich Castagna, editorial director, SearchStorage.com

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