EMC WORLD conference reflects changing times

LAS VEGAS -- ESG analyst Mark Peters says the announcements at the 2015 EMC World conference reflect what's actually happening in the real world with storage users. 

For starters, EMC is in transition, and Peters says most IT shops are experiencing big changes or transitions right now, on various fronts. The keynotes from EMC executives at the conference tried to hit on this theme. EMC CEO Joe Tucci discussed how  IT users are living in exciting times due to advancements in data lakes, cloud and flash technologies, which are changing the way many data storage professionals do business.

"Transition is the name of the game," said Peters. "Change is the name of the game."  EMC's $6 billion investment in new product strategies can be seen in tangible results, he said. "What's interesting to me is looking at products like VxRacks. That's a prime example of a transition product -- for a company in transition." With products like that, EMC is trying to deliver on its promise to innovate like a startup while maintaining its reputation as a fundamental infrastructure player that the world's largest enterprises can rely on, he said. In Peters' view, the vendor scored points at its annual EMC World conference by introducing this new strategy, one that embraces open source coding and free software.

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Did Tucci make any new announcements about when he's going to retire or who's going to take over after him?
"Tucci did not address his retirement at EMC World but said he remains steadfast in keeping all the pieces together. He said he agreed with Elliott on most things. He said he agreed with the activist investor that EMC has great technology assets, a stellar management team and talented people, and that the stock price should be higher. He did not agree that EMC should spin off VMware or merge."

Take a look at http://searchcloudstorage.techtarget.com/news/4500245768/Tucci-EMC-Federation-provides-fastest-route-to-cloud