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Anticipating VDI ROI: Better features at a higher cost

IT departments' assumptions about VDI ROI are wrong-headed, argues VDI expert Brian Madden. Instead of thinking that VDI will save money, he says, they should understand that there's a cost associated with VDI management efficiencies and new features -- in the form of the storage and other systems needed to support VDI. In this video, Madden makes his case by drawing parallels to other technologies. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

Let's be very clear: VDI is not about saving money. VDI is about enabling new features and new capabilities. You can work from anywhere, you can walk up to any machine and type, you can let users go crazy on their local host and you can still protect the corporate environment. You can deliver Windows too -- all that kind of stuff, right? VDI is amazing; it has all these amazing new features. But in this world in which we live, when you have all these amazing new features, you pay more money for that. That's just the way the world works.

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So why is it when it comes to VDI do we suddenly want to get all these new features, and work from anywhere … and also save money? What planet is that? Look at BlackBerrys, for example. Owning a BlackBerry is way more expensive than not having BlackBerrys. You have to buy the BlackBerrys, you have to buy the service, you have to buy an Enterprise Server, you have to buy redundant copies of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you have to buy the certification, and the storage, and the backup, and all this kind of stuff. It's way more expensive having email in your pocket than not having email in your pocket.

So why do we get a bum rap when we go to VDI and we want to enable all these new features and we're like, "By the way, you've got to do it for less than your old way of doing things." That's way not fair, not that I'm bitter. And it's funny, because every time I tell that story, I say "VDI is not cheaper. It's more expensive for more features."

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