• Selecting archiving products

    Some data archives are little more than "dumb" disk arrays, but the more sophisticated archives provide data deduplication for single-instance storage, robust power conservation features and immutability for data that may be needed as evidence in ...  Continue Reading

  • Evaluating and purchasing CAS archives

    Content-addressed storage (CAS) is a specialized type of archive that provides the inexpensive and high-capacity storage needed to retain data that, although accessed infrequently, still has long-term relevance to the enterprise. More importantly, ...  Continue Reading

  • Storage virtualization consolidation product specifications

    In today's storage consolidation projects, virtualization allows administrators to pool storage from servers and systems to create a single ubiquitous storage resource. Storage virtualization raises storage utilization, saving money by forestalling ...  Continue Reading

  • How storage virtualization affects a consolidation initiative

    Few storage consolidation initiatives are complete without virtualization -- usually server virtualization, but often storage virtualization. Not only does virtualization make storage easier to track and manage, it also makes better use of ...  Continue Reading

  • Tiered storage buying guide

    The practice of tiered storage has emerged as a way to mitigate this expense by keeping mission-critical data on the fastest disk platforms, while relegating less valuable data to slower and less expensive storage, such as SATA disk or even tape.  Continue Reading