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Scale-out storage options boost capacity, I/O performance

Learn about scale-out storage options: why IT shops are implementing scale-out NAS and how scale-out NAS helps with primary storage.

Scale-out storage is rising in popularity in the storage industry. Early adopters of the technology were primarily companies that had big capacity requirements, but now small firms and large enterprises are implementing the technology in their data storage environments. The technology allows organizations to start out with a small amount of data storage and expand it to fit their needs without dishing out a lot of upfront costs. In addition, specific types of scale-out storage, such as scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), can help boost performance and sustainability.

This tutorial discusses how and why scale-out storage and scale-out NAS are gaining traction in today’s storage environments. Take a look at why cloud gateways, scale-out NAS and object storage are replacing file storage. Read our case study on photo/video company Industrial Color Inc. and why Isilon scale-out NAS was a better fit for its demanding workloads than traditional NAS. Finally, listen to our podcast on scale-out NAS in which Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Terri McClure predicts that in the next five years scale-out storage will make up the majority of data storage systems.

Scale-out NAS, object storage, cloud gateways replacing traditional NAS

As more people become dissatisfied with their file-based primary storage, three technologies are becoming more prominent in the storage industry: scale-out NAS, object-based storage and using the cloud as a NAS tier. See out how these three NAS technologies can help with your primary file storage and decide which one is right for your storage environment.

Isilon scale-out NAS helps production company manage 250 TB

Industrial Color Inc., a New York-based creative production company, installed Isilon scale-out NAS five years ago to handle its large quantities of photos and videos. According to Aaron Holm, the company’s vice president of development, the company wouldn’t be able to run the way it does without the use of Isilon scale-out network-attached storage. Find out why a traditional NAS system wasn’t enough for Industrial Color and how Isilon scale-out NAS helps the company meet the demanding storage needs of the media and entertainment industry.

The changing face of scale-out network-attached storage

More and more enterprise IT shops are implementing scale-out network-attached storage systems for their storage environments. Scale-out NAS systems have the ability to add storage nodes or x86 servers, which can help boost capacity and performance, as well as better support file I/O-intensive applications. In this podcast interview, Terri McClure discusses the latest changes in NAS, advice for shops looking to switch to scale-out NAS and the different challenges that pop up with using scale-out NAS. Listen to the full podcast on scale-out network-attached storage.

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