SMB data storage technology tutorials: Storage advice for smaller businesses

Check out our SMB tutorials on storage topics such as disk-based backup, data management, disaster recovery planning, storage strategy, and more.

Read out SMB data storage tutorials on topics such as disk-based data backup, virtual tape libraries, disaster recovery planning, storage strategy, storage security, RAID data protection, multiprotocol storage and more.

NEW! Email archiving systems for small businesses
Choosing the right email archiving system, deciding what emails to archive and implementing email archiving can be challenging, especially to smaller companies.To help you gain more knowledge on email archiving, we've collected our top tips and articles on email archiving systems for SMBs.

Data migration best practices
In this tutorial on data migration best practices, learn about the data migration tools, techniques, and services available to SMBs. Learn about the pros and cons of using a value-added reseller (VAR) to help with your project, how the cloud could play a role in data migration and about the best services and products for SMBs.

Virtual server storage tutorial 
In this tutorial on virtual server storage, learn how to choose the best virtual server storage for your organization, the pros and cons of Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI, and about the other choices you have available.

Network-attached storage (NAS) tutorial: Do you need a NAS gateway?
A network-attached storage (NAS) gateway is a big investment for a small- to medium-sized business (SMB). Learn about the pros and cons of NAS gateways for SMBs, the features you should look for in a NAS gateway, NAS gateways vs. NAS filers, and more in this network-attached storage tutorial.

iSCSI SAN best practices
Whether or not to purchase an iSCSI SAN isn't an easy decision. And once you have your SAN up and running, you still may have questions and run into problems. In this guide on iSCSI SAN best practices, we've collected all of our best tips and expert advice on iSCSI SAN storage systems. Whether you're buying your first iSCSI SAN or are learning maintain your iSCSI SAN, and get the best iSCSI SAN performance, we have the answers for you here.

Understanding cloud storage services 
Before you take plunge and sign up with a cloud storage service provider, there are some things you need to know. Is cloud storage secure? How much will it cost? What services are best for SMBs? In our cloud storage services guide for beginners, we've collected our top tips and expert advice in one place so you can get answers to your most important questions. Learn about cloud backup, cloud archiving, cloud disaster recovery, and using the cloud for primary storage.

RAID storage devices for beginners
In this guide on RAID storage devices, we've gathered our best content on RAID for beginners. Learn about how to choose a RAID storage system in our RAID primer. Next, read our tip on RAID levels and download our free RAID level comparison chart. Then take our quiz on RAID and see how much you learned.

Managing data storage in small businesses: A data storage strategy tutorial
This tutorial can help you understand which architecture is right for your environment, whether it's direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage (NAS), or a storage area network (SAN), and the key factors in choosing a VAR. Learn the best data storage strategy for your small business in this tutorial.

Choosing the best data backup system: An SMB backup tutorial
SMBs often don't have the budget to engage consultants to help them choose between all the data backup and recovery options that are now available. So how does an SMB choose the best data backup method for their business? While we can't make the decision for you, this tutorial will help you choose a data backup system by helping you to understand the process a consultant would use to do the same task, and by grouping some of the main choices available to you. Learn which is best backup method for your SMB -- tape, disk or cloud backup.

iSCSI SAN storage will remain popular with SMBs: An iSCSI tutorial
In this iSCSI tutorial on iSCSI SAN storage, learn why many SMBs are turning to iSCSI SANs, what to look for in a product and whether or not an iSCSI SAN is a good choice for your organization.

Disaster recovery outsourcing services tutorial for SMBs
In this tutorial, learn about the pros and cons of disaster recovery outsourcing services for SMBs, what SMBs need to consider before choosing a DR outsourcing service, and what these DR outsourcing services typically offer.

Cloud backup best practices: A tutorial on evaluating cloud data backup services 
In this tutorial on cloud backup best practices, learn what you should look for in potential cloud data backup services, questions to ask potential vendors, management and security concerns, and popular cloud backup services.

Implementing disk backup storage systems: A small business data backup tutorial
Many SMBs are searching for reliable, easy and economical data backup storage systems. In this small business data backup tutorial, learn about the pros and cons of using a disk backup storage system, whether or not a disk backup is right for your company, and disk technologies like virtual tape libraries and data deduplication.

RAID tutorial for SMBs
In this tutorial on RAID data storage for SMBs, learn about how RAID data protection is changing, how to choose the correct RAID level, and optimizing RAID storage for your business.

Multiprotocol data storage for SMBs tutorial
In this tutorial on multiprotocol storage for SMBs, learn about NAS and SAN protocols, Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI SANs, and multiprotocol data storage systems for SMBs.

Data migration and tiered storage tutorial
As SMBs become more comfortable with data storage systems, they will look for ways to use that storage more efficiently. Storage tiering is one strategy that allows organizations to use lower performance and inexpensive storage equipment to hold less-frequently used data while high-performance equipment is used for frequently used information.

Email archiving strategies: A tutorial on email archiving for smaller businesses and SMBs
In this tutorial on email archiving strategies for smaller businesses and SMBs, learn about in-house vs. outsourced email archiving, backup vs. archiving, email archiving strategies for smaller businesses and what to look for in an email archiving product.

Virtual tape libraries: A tutorial on managing VTL technology
If you are saturating your Fibre Channel network links to complete disk-to-tape data backup jobs in smaller and smaller timeframes, it may be time to consider installing a virtual tape library (VTL) to implement a disk-to-disk data backup and recovery environment. A VTL can complement your legacy tape archive system by introducing disk-to-disk backup time and speed advantages.In this tutorial on virtual tape library technology, learn about buying and managing a VTL, VTLs and data deduplication, and virtual tape library vendors and products.

Data storage backup security tutorial: Tape encryption and cloud backup
Data storage backups are a necessary element of data protection plan, but they're often the biggest source of security woes. Learn everything you need to know about keeping your backups secure in this tutorial. Whether you're using a tape-based backup and recovery system, disk-based backup or a cloud- or online-based backup method, we have the answers here.

Comparing disk-based backup methods
Incorporating disk into the data protection infrastructure has been a common way to address tape-based backup issues such as backup window, recovery point objective (RPO), recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery reliability. This tutorial compares different disk-based backup options.

Data storage management tutorial
In this tutorial on SMB data storage management, learn about iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel storage area networks (SAN), online/cloud backup options and the latest SMB storage management news.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning strategies for SMBs
In recent years, even smaller organizations can no longer to afford to be without a DR plan. Learn DR and business continuity planning strategies for SMBs in this tutorial.

Fibre Channel SAN tutorial
Learn how to choose between Fibre Channel and iSCSI, buy an entry-level SAN, move from direct attached storage (DAS) to a SAN, troubleshoot SAN performance issues, and more.

Network-attached storage appliances for SMBs tutorial
Learn how to select the best network-attached storage (NAS) appliance in this tutorial on NAS purchasing considerations for SMBs.

Storage strategy tutorial
Developing an effective storage strategy for the data center can be crucial for organizations of any size. However, the task of doing so can be a bit more daunting for the budget-strained IT staffs of SMBs. Check out this tutorial for how-to information on developing an effective data center strategy, including tips on outsourcing storage, cost-effective data security measures and the various storage vendors offering SMB-level products.


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