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NAS best practices: Tips on small business NAS devices

We’ve gathered our top tips and articles to highlight some NAS best practices SMBs should keep in mind before decided to implement a NAS system.

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices are a popular choice in small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). NAS storage systems help to simplify expanding networks, and many NAS products are now offering enterprise-like features for SMB environments.

According to Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst at the StorageIO Group, there are a few NAS trends emerging for SMBs. “One hot SMB trend is the continued deployment of NAS as both a primary storage device as well as a backup target or staging area before data gets moved elsewhere including to cloud or MSP services,” said Schulz. “The versatility of NAS is enabling SMB environments to do more with their storage, maximizing those resources and budgets.”

Before implementing a NAS system, there are some NAS best practices small businesses should keep in mind. We’ve gathered our top tips and articles to highlight our NAS best practices. Take a look at our checklist for adding a NAS device to your environment; see how small business NAS systems are becoming more enterprise-like; read up on the most common NAS backup challenges; learn about the most popular NAS backup strategies; take a look at the ReadyNAS 2100 device; and test your knowledge on NAS with our NAS basics quiz. And for even more information on NAS and NAS best practices, visit our section on small business NAS.

Adding a NAS device to your data storage environment: A checklist for small businesses

In order to get the most out of your NAS device, you need to do your homework. Ask yourself these six questions to help you determine whether or not you should invest in a NAS system: How much data storage do you need now? How much storage will you need in the next 18 to 24 months? Do you have the bandwidth on your LAN? Will your NAS integrate will with your environment? Is the NAS device clusterable? And, does the NAS device do scheduled backups? Check out the full checklist for adding a NAS device to your data storage environment in this tip.

Small business NAS systems are becoming more enterprise-like

Recently, more small business NAS systems have emerged with enterprise-like NAS features in their products. Greg Schulz addresses this topic in this Q&A. Find out what the ideal use cases are for small NAS systems, what features are most important for primary storage and what to do if you outgrow your small NAS. Listen to this Q &A on small business NAS systems.

Common NAS backup challenges

NAS backups present several challenges to data storage administrators. NAS backup data has to be sent to a backup server across the network in order to be backed up, and overall, NAS backups can be complicated and inefficient. W. Curtis Preston, an independent backup expert, discusses the common workarounds around NAS backup challenges, including the popular technology, NDMP in this Q&A. Find out how NDMP can help NAS backups, its limitations and what other technologies can help simplify network-attached storage backups. Listen to this Q&A on NAS backup.

Network-attached storage backup strategies

Backing up network-attached storage devices can be a challenge, but NAS backups don’t have to be complicated. Read up on these NAS backup strategies to help with backing up your NAS devices. Find out why NAS backups are different to back up, how NDMP backup can help you, NAS-based data replication and online data backup. Read the full story on network-attached storage backup strategies.

NetGear ReadyNAS review: A look at the ReadyNAS 2100

The NetGear ReadyNAS storage devices range from the two-drive ReadyNAS Pro desktop to the 12-drive ReadyNAS 4200 rack mount units. This article focuses on the ReadyNAS 2100. Learn about the different features of the ReadyNAS 2100, its setup and configurations, and what steps to take to determine if it’s suitable for your small business storage environment. Read the NetGear ReadyNAS 2100 review.

NAS basics: A quiz for beginners

Are you up to date on all your NAS terminology? This quiz on NAS devices tests you on NAS storage terms, what they mean, and why they’re important. Take the quiz on NAS basics to test your knowledge.

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