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Learning Guide: SAN management

Managing your SANs has always been challenging. So, to help you along with the process we've assembled arguably the most comprehensive listing of the SAN management tools and resources on the Web -- the "Learning Guide to SAN management". Take a look here for advice, tips and articles on tools, techniques and concepts that will help you plan a SAN, increase utilization and keep your networks running 24/7.

  According to expert and author of Storage Area Networks for Dummies Christopher Poelker, SANs have changed the way we think about managing storage:

"Before SANs, and with the exception of mainframe storage, most enterprise storage management consisted of an application provider complaining to the datacenter operations staff that their system just crashed due to insufficient storage space. The application manager would try to delete as many un-needed files as possible and bring the server back up until the operations staff could add more disk space (if possible).

"Does this sound familiar to anyone?

"This is why SANs, with their centralized pools of professionally allocated storage, have been such a boon to business. No more planned downtime to add more disks, no more system crashes due to storage deficiencies. Everything is now always backed up and managed, and in some cases, even highly available or disaster tolerant. Where it used to take many operations staff with knowledge of many different OS platforms and server types, can now be done by a single SAN manager with good SAN management software. It's all about doing more with less these days."

Here are the straight FAQs about SAN management.

   SAN management planning
   How should I design my SAN?
   Managing switches
   Policies and process
   Storage management tools
   Virtualization: Fact or Fiction?
   Advanced management techniques
   Additional information/resources
   More Learning Guides


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Managing your SANs is never easy. This chapter looks at how users are dealing with capacity growth, scaling SANs, connectivity basics and some best practices for keeping your SANs properly managed.

It's always good to know what you are getting yourself into, storage management expert Brett Cooper dives right into help you understand what it's going to take to  manage your storage network.

What makes SAN management  so difficult and why is this form of management  so different from anything you may have done in the past?

You can never have enough SAN management, or can you?  How much storage management is enough?

Webcast break:
Title: Which storage management architecture is right for you?
Speaker: Marc Staimer, Founder of Dragon Slayer Consulting
Topic: This webcast offers a critical look at the different storage management topologies specifically focusing on target storage subsystem controllers, server initiators, SAN switches and SAN appliances.
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Money, money, money, money. Implementing a SAN can save you a bunch of cash without breaking your budget. Networking allows for consolidating, the ability to utilize legacy equipment and more automated management that will ultimately lower the biggest cost of data management -- people.

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