Hybrid cloud storage appliances for primary data: Addressing cache, scalability

Find out how hybrid cloud storage appliances address the biggest obstacles users may have to implementing the cloud for primary storage.

Though they're still young in the data storage world, hybrid cloud storage appliances are changing the dynamics around using the cloud for primary storage by tackling the thorniest problems that have kept IT shops from sending their data to off-site providers.

In this tutorial, we examine how the appliances, which are available in both software-based and hardware-based forms—from companies such as CTERA Networks Ltd., Nasuni Corp., Panzura Inc., StorSimple Inc. and TwinStrata Inc.—address these concerns through the use of a local cache and algorithms that govern what data remains local and what data is transferred to the cloud. We also detail hybrid cloud appliance implementations at two companies that are using the systems for primary storage.

New hybrid cloud storage appliances attract attention for primary data

Cloud storage appliances are taking dead aim at the biggest obstacles to cloud storage for primary storage: IT concerns about network outages, latency, security, bandwidth demands and data transfer fees. Find out how these appliances work, which vendors are in the mix, analyst projections around the market sector's growth trajectory, and how data storage administrators are weighing decisions of hybrid cloud storage appliances for primary storage.

Virtual NAS appliance spurs university to try hybrid cloud storage

For many cash-strapped IT organizations, the low startup cost of the cloud is too good to ignore. California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), for instance, turned to a software-based hybrid cloud appliance from Nasuni to handle growing amounts of static data. Find out about the university's implementation of the virtual NAS appliance, as well as testing for future expansion.

SharePoint data storage drives company to hybrid cloud

While most IT organizations that take on cloud storage projects focus first on using the cloud for backup or archival data, others are game to use the cloud for primary storage. Read how Rockford Construction Co. is using a hardware-based hybrid cloud appliance from StorSimple to handle SharePoint data storage and improve performance of its SharePoint services.

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