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Email archiving systems for small businesses

To help you gain more knowledge on email archiving, we've collected our top tips and articles on email archiving systems for SMBs.

Email archiving systems can be very beneficial to companies of all sizes, including small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), as they can lower operating costs and provide reassurance in terms of e-discovery and records retention.

And according to the Spring 2010 Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com Purchasing Intentions Survey, respondents are decreasing their dependency on tape technology for archiving and backup. According to the survey, "Using cloud backup services for email and database application data ranked at the top, with both used by 18% of respondents. In addition, backing up user files or desktop/notebook files are each used by 14% of those surveyed, while 13% use these services to back up remote sites or branch offices."

However, choosing the right email archiving system, deciding what emails to archive and implementing email archiving can be challenging, especially to smaller companies.

To help you gain more knowledge on email archiving, we've collected our top tips and articles on email archiving systems for SMBs. Read our email archiving services primer for SMBs; find out the pros and cons of cloud email archiving services; and get an in-depth look on email archiving strategies for small businesses. You will also learn about the differences between outsourcing and in-house email archiving; and last, listen to a podcast from our sister site, SearchStorage.co.UK on email archive services. And for additional information on archiving and storage management, visit the storage management section of our site.

Small business email archiving services primer

Email archiving services are becoming more important to implement as the amount of emails companies produce continues to climb each year. Although SMBs are smaller in size, email archiving is just as important for them as it is for larger enterprises. In this interview, Brian Babineau, vice president of research and analyst services at Enterprise Strategy Group, talks about email archiving systems for SMBs. Babineau discusses the different challenges SMBs encounter with email archiving, the difference between in-house and outsourced email archiving systems, hybrid email archiving and what affordable options are available to SMBs. Listen to the full podcast on email archiving services for small businesses.

Cloud email archiving services: Users reveal the good, bad and the ugly

How are cloud email archiving systems performing in companies today? This article takes an in-depth look at a few users who have implemented cloud email archiving into their backup environments. Read about the ups and downs the Environmental Defense Fund had with their cloud archiving service, Mimecast. Also, see how the website, Babies411.com, used Backupify to simplify their backups and archives. Read the full story on the pros and cons of cloud email archiving services.

Email archiving strategies: A tutorial on email archiving for smaller businesses and SMBs

Many small businesses find themselves facing similar email archiving issues as large enterprises, but they often can’t solve them using the same resources. This tutorial on email archiving explores email archiving options and strategies for smaller businesses. Learn about data backup vs. archiving, on-site email archiving products, hosted email archiving products and hybrid email archiving products. Read the full tutorial on email archiving strategies for SMBs.

Email archiving for SMBs: Outsourcing vs. in-house archiving

Companies have two choices when it comes to email archiving: outsourcing their archives to a managed service or running a licensed archiving software in-house. Outsourcing email archiving is a good idea if your company has fewer than 1,000 mailboxes. In-house archiving is good if you have a lot of data, and if you want keep an eye on your data on-site. Read more about the pros and cons of outsourcing and in-house email archiving.

Email archive services explained

Managing your email archives can be a challenging task, so many organizations are looking at email archive services to help them manage their email infrastructures. Email archive services can move, index and manage messages from the organization to a service provider’s storage. However, there are cons to email archiving services, such as being locked in to one specific provider. In this podcast, Ian Lock, a service director for storage and backup at GlassHouse Technologies UK, discusses how email archive services work and the pros and cons of email archiving services. Listen to the full email archive services podcast.

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