Crash Course: iSCSI

Sprint through our fast-paced course on iSCSI, and come up to speed, fast.

If you need to come up to speed rapidly on iSCSI, you've come to the right place. In this Crash Course, we touch upon the basics and then we walk you through the pros and cons of iSCSI and Fibre Channel. Once you're limbered up, we take you to more intermediate level stuff like cost considerations, standards and security. Finally, you're ready to sprint through more advanced material surrounding implementations of iSCSI. When you finish, let us know if you found everything you needed:

Getting started

iSCSI definition from
Users want answers to iSCSI
What's the buzz on iSCSI
ISCSI: Is it soup yet?
What's the difference between iFCP and iSCSI?
IP storage in three minutes
IP storage delivers

iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel

What can iSCSI do that FC can't?
Dueling SAN technologies: NAS vs. iSCSI
Fibre Channel definition from
iSCSI and FC tools, where are you?
Expert answers questions on cost of adapters for FC vs. iSCSI
Is low-cost Fibre Channel finally here?
iSCSI is getting better all the time
EMC draws battle line with iSCSI

Cost considerations

EMC draws battle line with iSCSI
Firm to offer low-cost iSCSI controller, HBAs
Emulex predicts sub-$500 Fibre Channel HBAs
Dirt cheap iSCSI software hits the shelves
IDC: Fibre Channel switch prices dropping
Fibre Channel vs. iSCSI costs
2004 storage costs predictions

Standards, security and compatibility

ISCSI storage management vendor seeks niche
Microsoft to add iSCSI support to Windows
Securing SANs with iSCSI

iSCSI implementation issues and early adopters

What type of switches should I use for a pure iSCSI SAN?
Are there any reasons to migrate from NAS to iSCSI?
What are the components involved in connecting an iSCSI storage solution with a Unix or Windows host?
Aiming for iSCSI targets
CTRC heals network with iSCSI
Getting real about iSCSi
Expert answers question on setting up Web server cluster with two servers and a SAN using iSCSI
Expert answers two iSCSI implementation questions
iSCSI wows some users, confuses others
Creating an iSCSI SAN using only Ethernet switches
Data consolidation as it relates to iSCSI
Implementation guide (Advanced material)

Dig Deeper on SAN technology and arrays

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