• The rising cost of cheap SMB storage

    The commoditization of data storage has been consistently driving its acquisition costs down. However, hidden costs have surfaced as SMBs struggle to manage growing amounts of data. This tip discusses some of the pitfalls of "cheap storage" and ...  Continue Reading

  • SMB capacity planning: Focusing on energy conservation

    To avoid IT service delivery disruptions, SMBs can put a storage capacity planning program into place. This tip discusses how a capacity plan can forecast what storage performance, availability, capacity and energy requirements will be needed in the...  Continue Reading

  • How does content-addressed storage differ from backup?

    The term content-addressed storage (CAS) refers to systems that store data in such a way that an object cannot be duplicated or modified once it has been stored. In this tip, Russ Fellows discusses how CAS differs from backups and how this ...  Continue Reading

  • Troubleshooting SAN performance issues

    SAN troubleshooting is tough because good design is not always obvious and Fibre Channel standards make interoperability a concern. This tip will review some common problem areas with SANs, describe how to diagnose problems and offer some ...  Continue Reading

  • Tiered storage for SMBs

    If an SMB hasn't already deployed an iSCSI SAN or NAS filers, they're probably about to. This tip discusses how SMBs can increase the cost savings of consolidating storage by implementing tiers of storage instead of throwing everything on the same ...  Continue Reading

  • Moving from DAS to NAS

    As the volume of data and the number of users in SMBs grow, direct-attached storage (DAS) becomes harder to manage. In this tip, Rick Cook discusses how SMBs can benefit from adding storage to their existing networks in the form of NAS.  Continue Reading