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Vendor-neutral certification

Where to go for certification in SAN technology and more.


Vendor-neutral certification
Rick Cook

The Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP) a new certification program from the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) offers vendor-neutral certification of Fibre Channel SAN knowledge for administrators, engineers, consultants and others. Storage administrators who have SANs in their organizations, or who are likely to in the future, may wish to become certified in this technology.

The program will certify professionals at four levels depending on the level and kind of knowledge needed. Level 1, or professional, certification tests understanding of basic SAN concepts and terminology and is intended for people in management, sales and other areas that need to know about SANs but not in 'hands-on' detail. Or as the SNIA Exam Guidelines put it "what Fibre Channel is for." Level 2, or practitioner, certification is aimed at field service, technical support, and other personnel who need a more detailed knowledge of Fibre Channel SANs, including their technical capabilities and limitations as well as how to conceptualize Fibre Channel SAN solutions. The level 3 and 4 certifications, specialist and expert, will require even more detailed knowledge of Fibre Channel SANS. They are still being developed and are scheduled to be released later this year.

The level 1 and 2 certification examinations are multiple choice, proctored, tests. For more information on the exams and the topics, search the SNIA web site using the keyword "SNCP". For examination topics for level 1 and level 2 certification, go to www.snia.org/English/Resources/SNCP/SNCP_Exam_Topics.html.

Rick Cook has been writing about mass storage since the days when the term meant an 80K floppy disk. The computers he learned on used ferrite cores and magnetic drums. For the last twenty years he has been a freelance writer specializing in storage and other computer issues.

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