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Top ten signs your storage is out of control

Top ten signs your storage is out of control
By Steven Toole

  1. You habitually spend your lunch hour adding more disks to your servers.
  2. Your users have turned the S drive into an MP3 juke box.
  3. You have 12 copies of Doom! out on the network.
  4. You spent two days cleaning up the mess from the Love Bug virus.
  5. You spend four hours a week manually deleting large, non-work related server files.
  6. You get dirty looks on the elevator after personally e-mailing warnings to your space hog users.
  7. Your servers contain the Budweiser "Wassup" ad, the Kenneth Star papers, and the Pamela Lee video.
  8. Your backup cycles take 26 hours to complete.
  9. Bob has 200MB in his home directory, and he left the company 2 years ago.
  10. The dancing baby and frog in blender cartoons take up the same amount of space as your mission critical data.

If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, don't walk -- RUN -- to your nearest Web browser and download a real-time SRM solution so you can finally take control of your server storage.

To gain maximum effective control, be sure to require only real-time user and directory quota thresholds, real-time file type blocking and automated web-based reports to find and free up wasted disk space.

This is not a test, this is an actual emergency. Failure to take heed to these instructions may result in a complete server meltdown and countless wasted hours spent babysitting disk space and playing space cop to your space hogs.

About the author: Steve Toole is Vice President of Marketing for W Quinn. He is also one of our resident storage management experts. Steve brings with him years of experience in Windows NT/2000 servers. If you've got a storage management question, send it along to Steve.

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