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Top five tips on data management tools for small to medium-sized businesses

SMBs face unique challenges when it comes to storage management. Check out our five favorite tips on data management tools from the past year.

Small- to medium-sized businesses face unique challenges when it comes to storage management. But the editors of SearchSMBStorage.com have been keeping a close eye on SMB storage management issues and have compiled this list of our five favorite tips on data management tools from the past year. You’ll learn about storage changes in Windows Server 8, whether free storage software makes sense, small business email archiving solutions, how to handle data migration, and whether cloud-based storage is a good idea.

Tip #1

A look at storage in Windows Server 8

Check out this “peek behind the curtain” with frequent TechTarget contributor Brien Posey, who introduces some of the storage features and updates in Windows Server 8. Posey, a Microsoft MVP, takes you through this pre-beta developer's preview of Windows Server 8 in this video. He says that although changes may occur before the final version is released; the beta version offers a good idea of what Microsoft has planned.

Tip #2

Is free storage software worth the risk?

Perhaps your organization is among the many that are short on cash. If so, the concept of free server and storage software may appeal to you. This tip will show you how to find out if using free storage software is the right choice for your organization.

Tip #3

Small business email archiving solutions explained

When it’s time to choose a small business email archive provider, tread carefully. This tip shows you what to watch for in an email archiving tool, how to find a vendor that focuses on smaller businesses, and where the cloud fits in.

Tip #4

Data migration checklist: What to do before, after and during a data migration

If you are a growing organization, you will eventually move beyond your current storage solution. Data migration is a taxing and somewhat laborious project, but our data migration checklist can help you start off on the right foot.

Tip #5

Cloud gateways open up cloud-based storage options for SMBs

This tip outlines the two key obstacles that keep most SMBs from implementing cloud storage and what you can do to navigate around them. You’ll also learn the key vendors in this space and why cloud storage can be a good idea for SMBs.

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