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Top 5 storage management tips of 2007

Here are the top five storage management tips of 2007, based on readers' interest, covering storage security, thin provisioning and LTO-4 tapes.

Given the growing deployment of virtualized server environments, it comes as no surprise that storage for virtual servers was a popular topic among readers in 2007. The area of thin provisioning, which promises better utilization of disk resources in large arrays, also grabbed readers' attention.

Three of the top five tips were focused on storage security. One discussed finding storage security vulnerabilities and two others focused on encryption. This comes as a surprise in light of a recent Storage magazine survey which indicated that, for many, encryption was not a top priority and another survey indicated that encryption was not a dominant factor influencing the decision to upgrade to LTO-4 tape.

Check out the top Storage Management Tips of 2007 below:

  1. Why and how your storage environment will be attacked

    Learn where storage security vulnerabilities exist and how your systems are likely to be attacked.

  2. Thin provisioning pros and cons

    Learn how thin provisioning works, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, so you can decide whether it is right for your storage environment.

  3. Storage encryption: How much is enough?

    Seven steps to determine your storage security weaknesses are outlined, which can help you determine where you need storage encryption in your environment.

  4. How to resolve storage issues in virtualized server environments

    Storage networks are a key building block in deploying server virtualization solutions. Learn five storage-related issues to consider when implementing server virtualization solutions.

  5. Laptop encryption the hard(ware) way

    Learn the pros and cons of hardware-based laptop disk encryption and about products on the market today.

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