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Top 5 iSCSI tips 2006

Here are the top five iSCSI tip of 2006, based on readers' interest, covering such topics as iSCSI vs. FC, iSCSI security, and iSCSI SAN options.

ISCSI was on the tip of everyone's tongue this year, and why not? The IP-based storage networking standard is purportedly easier to manage than Fibre Channel and opens the door to data transmission over LANs and WANs -- as well as the Internet. Plus, it's just plain fun to say, go ahead, you know you want to. "ISCSI." It just sounds right, doesn't it?

Below are our top five iSCSI tips of 2006 on topics such as alleviating congestion on iSCSI SANs, how iSCSI compares to Fibre Channel, iSCSI backup and more. Check them out. Hopefully, they'll help you decide whether iSCSI is right for your environment or if it just sounds right.

1. iSCSI SANs: How to alleviate the congestion
Careful configuration of an iSCSI SAN will usually preclude most problems. But if network performance is still slow, there are several adapter and switch settings that can help speed things up and alleviate network congestion.

2. iSCSI vs. FC performance: A closer look
Tony Asaro explains the difference in speed between iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

3. Narrow down your iSCSI SAN options
The iSCSI SAN market is hot. This tip outlines recent developments and key players so you'll know what's up with iSCSI right now.

4. Backup your system with iSCSI
The cost of an iSCSI backup system can range from practically nothing to as much as a Fibre Channel SAN. Here's what you need to know to pick the right price-performance point for your enterprise.

5. Guidelines for better iSCSI security
Learn how segregating an iSCSI SAN, securing the management interface, employing authentication and disabling unnecessary network services can protect your data from malicious attacks.

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