Top 5 NAS tips of 2007

Here are the top 5 NAS tips of 2007, based on our readers' interest. This list covers topics such as file virtualization, NAS aggregators and more.

Our readers showed a big interest in NAS content again this year, spurred on by the growing trend of file virtualization. Our top NAS tip of the year detailed how to choose a file virtualization appliance. According to Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst with the StorageIO Group, the No. 1 factor generating interest in NAS is the proliferation of unstructured data. It is estimated that word documents, email, MP3s, video and other types of unstructured data make up approximately 85% of a typical business' information. The need to manage this data cost-effectively makes NAS, with its built-in data management capabilities, attractive to a lot of shops.

Below are the top five NAS tips of 2007, based on our readers' interest, covering such topics as file virtualization, NAS data migration, NAS aggregators, and more.

  1. Choosing a file virtualization appliance
    There are five factors to consider before you select and implement a file virtualization appliance.
  2. Migrating data in NAS gateway configurations
    Learn about the pros and cons of the different approaches for migrating data between NAS gateway systems.
  3. How to adapt NAS to your needs
    Learn how to customize a NAS system by choosing the right NAS accessories for your needs.
  4. Choosing a low-end NAS product
    Low-end NAS boxes are enticing because of their low price point, but they may lack the management capabilities that storage administrators are used to.
  5. How to choose a NAS aggregator
    The installation of a NAS aggregator is no more complicated than adding a NAS gateway. But first you need to make decisions about the structure of your new NAS environment.

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