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Tips for the everyday admin -- #17

Tips for the everyday admin -- #17

Evan Marcus

Evan Marcus is our expert in high availability. Evan is also a Principal Engineer at Veritas Corp..

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Our countdown, brought to you by SearchStorage high availability expert Evan Marcus, includes some common sense tips for the everyday storage admin to follow.

Here is tip #17

#17: Maintain tight security

1. Keep unnecessary users off critical systems
2. Use pseudo or similar tools to audit tasks and restrict access
3. Use firewalls

4. Enforce good password selection:

  • Periodically try to break them
  • "crack" utility
  • Beware of password aging

    5. Use audit software to check system security
    6. Change or remove default passwords

    7. Delete logins and files of ex-employees when they leave:

  • Also look for files they own around the system
  • Beware of time bombs

    8. Use virus checkers:

  • Update them regularly

    9. Review log files
    10. Prohibit direct privileged logins
    11. Check the web for security alerts

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