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Tips for the everyday admin -- #16

Tips for the everyday admin -- #16

Evan Marcus

Evan Marcus is our expert in high availability. Evan is also a Principal Engineer at Veritas Corp..

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Our countdown, brought to you by high availability expert Evan Marcus, includes some common sense tips for the everyday storage admin to follow.

#16: Consolidate your servers

1. Consolidate servers that do the same task

  • Combining wildly different apps can kill performance

    2. Reduce the number of machines

    3. Reduce the number of things that can fail
  • Yes, this can increase the impact of a failure

    4. Once you have consolidated, super-bulletproof the consolidated servers
  • It is easier and cheaper to overbuild one server than to overbuild many servers

    5. Go ahead, put all your eggs in one basket
  • Just make the basket out of titanium-reinforced concrete!

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