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Tips for the everyday admin -- #10

Tips for the everyday admin -- #10

Evan Marcus

Evan Marcus is our expert in high availability. Evan is also a Principal Engineer at Veritas Corp..

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Our countdown, brought to you by high availability expert Evan Marcus, includes some common sense tips for the everyday storage admin to follow.

#10: Separate environments

Separate production and development networks
Don't let developers access production systems
- Unless there is an emergency...and then only briefly to diagnose a problem
Keep QA off of production hardware, too
Production hardware is for production only!
You'll never achieve resiliency without separate environments
- Change control cannot be enforced

You may need six environments:
1. Production: Everything works and doesn't change
2. Production mirror: If a prod change goes badly
3. Disaster recovery: Survive after catastrophe hits
4. QA: Change is controlled and tested
5. Development: Works in progress
6. Lab: Playground; preliminary test bed for new hardware and third party software

Could combine prod mirror and disaster recovery
- Definitely better not to, though...

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