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Time to hit the books

If you want to stay on top of what's happening in storage, a crop of recent or soon-to-be-published books should...

be on your Summer reading list.

For an overview or introduction, consider "Storage networking virtualization: What's it all about?" by IBM Corporation. This book aims to provide an understanding of the design, architecture, and implementation of "virtual products to help all installations make efficient use of IT storage resources."

Other broad-brush treatments include:

Designing a total data storage solution: Technology, implementation, and management, edited by Roxanne E. Burkey and Charles V. Breakfield, Auerbach Publishers, Inc., with a sale price of $66.45 and 520 pages.

Another resource to look at is Building Storage Networks, by Marc Farley. This last title is a well-regarded reference from McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group with a sale price of $38.24 and 590 pages.

Other titles to watch for include:

  • "Novell's Guide to Storage Area Networks and NetWare Cluster Services," by Stephen C. Payne and Robert Wipfel due out from Hungry Minds, Inc., the folks who produce the "For Dummies" series.
  • "Deploying the Tivoli Storage Manager Client in a Windows 2000 Environment," by IBM Redbooks. It focuses on use of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) client at level 4.1.2 with Microsoft Windows 2000.

For a long-term view of storage technology, there is also the recently published "History of Information Storage and Retrieval," by Foster Stockwell, published by McFarland & Company.

Additional Resources:

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About the author: Alan Earls is a freelance writer in Franklin, MA.

This was last published in April 2001

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