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Ten data protection recommendations

10 data protection recommendations

Laura Sanders, vice president of storage management products from IBM Tivoli offers these recommendations to boost...

your data protection schema.

1. Use a single program for multiple data protection functions. Implement one intelligent data protection software program with functions such as data backup, mobile backup support, managed data archive, disaster recovery planning and "hot" online data backup for around-the-clock applications.

2. Use a single program for multiple platforms and networks. Consider employing a single centralized data protection program across the entire enterprise including as many different computing platforms as possible.

3. Use the most efficient backup methodology possible. Make sure to use the appropriate backup methodology -- progressive, incremental, differential, image or full -- to reduce the total time required to perform data backups and enable the fastest possible data restores.

4. Use the most efficient offline storage methodology possible. Store files belonging to specific client computers on the minimum number of sequential tapes to speed data restores and reduce offline storage requirements.

5. Implement data-tape space reclamation. Reclaim empty space left from expired data files by consolidating data from multiple partially empty tape cartridges to new tapes.

6. Ensure flexible management capabilities. Implement granular policy-based management to allow data protection policies to be set according to organizational needs matching any type of administration hierarchy.

7. Manage it all via the World Wide Web. Use a Web-based interface to manage data protection for the entire enterprise from any computer connected to the Web.

8. Include open APIs. Rely on hardware and software that support open application program interfaces (APIs) and industry standards.

9. Ensure cross-platform ability. Stay as flexible as possible by using programs that can work cross-platform with current and future servers, workstations and desktops.

10. Include integrated managed archive ability. Managed archives are retrieved as easily as backed-up data files thereby eliminating frantic tape searches and/or cross-referencing with manual tracking systems.

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