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Teamed NICs

This tip explains why it's important to make sure teamed network interface cards are set to the same speed and duplex.

If you have a pair of teamed network interface cards (NICs) on a server here is something to remember. Make sure...

both NICs or ports on dual NICs are set to the same speed and duplex. By setting the team parameters you basically set them for the primary card or board but not necessarily the secondary one. This will affect your backup speed and make it hard to pinpoint the issue because of such an assumption. Also if you lose the primary card or port in the team, thinking it will redirect the correct information to the secondary card or port may also lead to headaches. If you lose the primary - and if you can't replace it right away - break the team and configure the secondary card on the system. Or else you might run into port mapping issues, which may cause problems with the backup software you're using and you may not be able to back it up at all until the issue is resolved.

Brenda Lawhorn is currently a systems administrator for GAFRI-IT.

This was last published in March 2002

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