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TSM weekday schedule alterations

TSM weekday schedule alterations
By Dex Watson

Tivoli Storage Manager has the following logistical problem. Weekday schedules are set up to run Monday - Friday at specific times. In the past you had to create five new schedules to replace every weekday schedule if on one of those days you had to run the schedule at a different time. The way around this is to alter the schedule active=yes parameter with a new schedule, which I actually run a script to alter five different weekday schedules in my example for active=no on a Monday only. Then another schedule(s) kicks off on Monday, say three hours later, to change the active status back to yes. Then those schedules on Monday run at a later time because the schedule's duration is greater than three hours. The rest of the weekday schedules for Tuesday - Friday are not affected by this change. In the example given, you would actually have to write 25 schedules to accomplish the same task, one set of five for each day.

Create ACTIVE=NO Schdule: run ACTNO

ACTNO Script code follows below:

UPDate SCHedule Schedule_1 Type=Administrative ACTIVE=No
UPDate SCHedule Schedule_2 Type=Admninistrative ACTIVE=No
" 3
" 4
" 5

Create ACTIVE=YES Schedule: run ACTYES

ACTYES script coding follows:

UPDate SCHedule Schedule_1 Type=Administrative ACTIVE=Yes
UPDate SCHedule Schedule_2 Type=Administrative ACTIVE=Yes
" 3
" 4
" 5

This was last published in May 2001

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