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StorScape makes CIM a reality

StorScape makes CIM a reality

Back in October of 1999, attendees of the Storage Networking World conference got to watch a storage feat -- the joint operation and management of seven different storage arrays, on two continents, enabled in part by CIM, the common information model. SNIA, the Storage Networking Industry Association, has since been working with standards organizations, such as the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) to promote CIM and similar initiatives.

Now, as a kind of confirmation that CIM is more than just for the occasional feasibility demo or industry task force, StorScape Inc., a joint venture between storage industry veterans Eurologic Systems and Hermes SoftLab, officially launched what it claims is the industry's first CIM-based approach to storage management software.

For the past two years, StorScape has been developing storage management software based on the CIM open standard that integrates multi-vendor storage components. This approach aims to automate storage infrastructures and decreases the management costs associated with them.

"The whole deal with storage management moving forward is automation and standards. CIM is clearly the way to go, but to date most only pay lip service or are CIM 'compliant,' meaning only at a cursory level," said Enterprise Storage Group's Steve Duplessie.

As the need for storage capacity continues to increase, the cost of managing the storage assets grows at the same pace. In fact, some industry experts estimate that for every dollar companies spend on storage, they must spend three dollars on management. Most organizations are seeking an easy and inexpensive way to manage this high growth of data, but are currently faced with tools that are incapable of addressing multi-vendor environments because they don't interoperate. StorScape is addressing this need by integrating heterogeneous storage components through its CIM-based approach.

"StorScape is built on CIM from soup to nuts, and is coming at the market at a price point that makes it instantly attractive," said Duplessie.

Added colleague, Tony Prigmore, StorScape's approach "has the easy to deploy basics of SRM as well important extensions to complex service level management...a combination that help clients get real world value fast."

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