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Stocking your storage library

By Elizabeth M. Ferrarini

If need to soak in everything about SAN, NAS, Fibre Channel, or RAID, you'll find the following books valuable additions to your storage library.

"Building Storage Area Networks" (Osborne McGraw-Hill) -- Written by Mark Farley, this 656-page tome combines both introductory materials and how-to tutorials to explain SAN design. The book, released in January 2000, also covers other topics, such as RAID. Mike Hardy, Chaparral Network storage's business development vice president, recommends this book. Price - $44.99

"The Holy Grail of Data Storage Management" (Prentice Hall) -- Jon William Toigo's 322-page book documents trends in storage technology, and shows how to plan a comprehensive strategy for maximizing the availability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of enterprise storage. Toigo wrote the classic book, Disaster Recovery Planning. Price - $49.00; published August 1999.

"Designing Storage Area Networks: A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel SANs" (Addison-Wesley) -- Tom Clark, Vixel Corporation's technical marketing director, wrote this 224-page book for anyone responsible for planning and overseeing data storage. This concise design guide introduces Fibre Channel SAN technology and demonstrates how it can be used to address specific application challenges. Price - $49.95; published September 1999.

"Blueprints for High Availability: Designing Resilient Distributed Systems" (John Wiley) -- Written by Evan Marcus and Hal Stern, this 368-page book provides a series of practical blueprints, disciplines, and processes for assessing risks of a HA distributed system, assigning costs and selecting appropriate reliability levels, and designing and testing solutions. Dr. Eric Schmidt, Novell's CEO, highly recommends this book. Price - $49.99; published January 2000.

"The RAIDbook - A Storage System Technology" -- Published by the RAID-Advisory Board, a trade association for RAID manufacturers, this 300-pabe book includes all aspects of RAID technology: data protection and mapping details, disk array data management, and disk striping and mirroring. This current edition was updated in 1997. Price - $49.95. Order it from

Ferrarini is a freelance writer.

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