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Spotlight on SAN/NAS convergence

Combining NAS and SAN in the same storage environment can be a difficult. Here are some helpful resources to make the process more smooth.

Managing a storage network that only encompasses direct attached or network attached storage is complicated enough. Add to the equation a network that combines NAS and SAN, and you're probably wishing you never heard the word convergence. The good news is that you're in a position to reap the benefits of this sophisticated environment, including combining block- and file-based data on the same array. But the road to convergence does have its challenges. Here are some helpful resources to make the process more smooth.

SANs and NAS: How they work together

  • SAN/NAS convergence: proceed with caution
    What are the pros and cons of SAN/NAS consolidation? How have other storage managers approached consolidation? This in-depth article answers these questions and provides a look at some of the available options.

  • A new tack
    Here's a look at some innovative approaches to convergence and some of the options that new vendors are offering.

  • NAS and gateways: Considerations for file storage
    NAS gateways can be a confusing concept. At Storage Decisions 2003 Randy Kerns explained what they are, how they work, and how they might fit into your storage environment. Read about what NAS expert Randy Kerns had to say.

  • The convergence of SAN and NAS
    Who will dominate the convergence market? Geoff Barrall discusses his views on consolidation, why it's important, and what vendors are doing about it.

    Where SAN and NAS make sense together

  • Comparing SAN and NAS technology
    NAS expert Randy Kerns discusses the benefits of SAN and NAS technologies. Specifically he explores how they compare in terms of cost, complexity, and scalability.

  • Block-level access and NAS
    Why would you still need block-level access instead of file access with a NAS? NAS expert Randy Kerns has the answer.

  • Using NAS gateways in front of a SAN
    A reader is building a new SAN and has questions about using NAS gateways in his environment. Randy Kerns explains the best way to set it up.

  • Morphing and merging SAN/NAS
    With SAN and NAS merging, here's a look at the functions that are likely to be in such solution-based products.

  • Consolidating SAN islands or SANs
    What are the reasons for using SAN islands within the same environment? SAN expert Chris Poelker discusses the use of SAN islands and consolidating SAN solutions.

  • Dig Deeper on Data storage strategy

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