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Sony shines spotlight on new PetaApp

Sony shines spotlight on new PetaApp

Sony has just introduced a new product called PetaApp. It combines the Sony PetaSite Tape Library (with Fibre Channel and SCSI interfaces), DTF-2 tape drives, PetaBack software, and a Brocade Fibre Channel switch. Sony says the PetaApp system is designed to centrally back up data in NAS, SAN and heterogeneous storage environments while optimizing the time it takes to read data from disk and copy it to tape and vice versa.

According to Sony, the PetaApp system eliminates the process of integrating hardware and software from different vendors, which can hinder an enterprise's ability to quickly install a reliable backup solution.

The PetaApp system comes pre-assembled with the Sony PetaSite Tape Library, DTF-2 tape drives, a Brocade SilkWorm Fibre Channel fabric switch and PetaBack software. The complete system attaches to an enterprise network via a SCSI or Fibre Channel connection.

By combining high-speed backup with Brocade SAN infrastructure, the PetaApp system allows direct access to the automated PetaSite tape storage library without the data bottlenecks that can impede Local Area Network (LAN) backups.

"The Sony PetaApp system provides customers with an integrated storage solution," said Robert Amatruda, research manager at International Data Corporation (IDC), Framingham, Mass. "Reliability, performance and manageability are paramount for customers with heterogeneous SAN and NAS deployments," he added.

Arun Taneja, an analyst with Enterprise Storage Group, Milford, Mass., noted, that most enterprises currently use either Veritas, Legato or CA for similar backup operations. "If Sony is trying to break into the enterprise with this, I see limited attraction. If they are trying to break into SMEs, that's a better proposition since the smaller enterprises look for packages that simplify life for them."

"Since the transfer rate is so high (24M-Bits/sec.), I would expect the entertainment and media industry to respond well," added Taneja.

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