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SRM powerhouse WQuinn goes on steroids

WQuinn has been acquired by Precise Software Solutions. What are the implications of this merger?

SRM powerhouse WQuinn goes on steroids
By Alan Earls

Already well enthroned in the storage resource management (SRM) market, W. Quinn Associates, Inc. (WQuinn), out of Reston, Va., has been acquired for $35 million by Massachusetts-based Precise Software Solutions (Nasdaq: PRSE), a leader in application performance management. WQuinn, a privately held company, is a well-known player in storage resource and performance management solutions and currently supports the Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms.

"My take on the recent bout of storage software acquisitions is that the developers of these single OS or narrowly focussed storage software products need to gain critical mass if they are to remain in the game," says IDC analyst Graham Penn. "In this respect, the acquisition of WQuinn by Precise will provide greater exposure and a wider market opportunity for a market-leading product that had been focussed on the NT/2000 market segment," he says. Graham notes that the SRM market really came to be recognized as a key segment when Sun snatched HighGround from under Compaq's nose. "It is really just one more piece of the total storage software puzzle," he says.

David Hill, an analyst at Aberdeen Group in Boston notes, "I think that it provides WQuinn with the financial resources of a larger company, which is a good thing."

Looking at the SRM market as a whole, Hill says he sees steady progress by several storage software companies in offering SRM. "SRM demand can only increase in the future especially as IS organizations strive to get more for every dollar spent."

Steven Toole, vice president for marketing at W Quinn, says the times are particularly favorable for SRM vendors. "More than ever, people are putting money into management products because in this economy it doesn't make sense to put more money into hardware purchases when you can get an 8:1 ROI in the first month with software," he says.

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About the author: Alan Earls is a freelance writer residing in Franklin, Mass.

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