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SNIA targets knowledge gap

SNIA targets knowledge gap

SNIA, the Storage Networking Industry Association, is grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns. According to outgoing education committee chair, Paul Massiglia who is also a technical director, engineering at Veritas, SNIA believes there is a knowledge gap between the vendor community and their customers and end users. And SNIA intends to try to fill that gap.

SNIA will begin distribution of a 48-page booklet about security from a storage perspective. Massiglia said the booklet is the first of what is expected to be a series -- perhaps with as many as 14 titles. "The security booklet is based on the tutorial we have made available on the SNIA web site and the others will also be built around tutorials," he said.

Massiglia said the booklet took about three months to develop and was completed by SNIA volunteers with printing costs coming from SNIA.

Existing SNIA tutorials (available at include backup, business continuity, infrastructure Design, IP storage, networking for storage professionals, SAN Mmanagement, security and virtualization.

Massiglia said that after SNW, the booklets would probably be available through the SNIA Web site.

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