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SNIA pow-wow has hefty agenda

By Alan Earls

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), a key player in the growth and development of SAN/NAS technology, is holding its annual technical pow-wow and annual meeting in Orlando next week (Oct. 30 through Nov. 1, 2000) in conjunction with the Storage Networking World Conference.

And according to two key players in the organization -- who also happen to hold top industry positions -- the agenda is packed with topics that will help shape storage networking in the year ahead.

"My feeling is that interoperability is the most important issue facing the storage industry today and the Interoperability Lab and Demonstration at Storage Networking World will be the largest and most significant 'plugfest' that this industry has ever seen," says Gary Phillips, secretary, Board of Directors, SNIA and manager of Storage Software, engineering, and technology, Compaq Computer Corporation.

"This is the third time we have held the Interop Lab and it has grown in size and scope to the point that we must employ a professional coordinator for the event," he adds.

Phillips says he is also expecting the financial analyst who is speaking at the event, Tom Curlin, associate vice president of Morgan Keegan and Company, to offer an unflinching look at the industry.

For his part, Lawrence Krantz, the chairman of SNIA's board of directors and senior technologist at EMC Corporation, says much of the real "action" will in fact be the relatively quiet meetings of the SNIA's "work groups." "We generally are not as formal as a standards setting body but we do accomplish similar things in these sessions," he explains. "My own personal focus is more on understanding the needs of the end user at SNW and the interface issues that are critical to successful product development," he adds.

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