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SANs and Fibre top trainers' agenda

By Alan Earls

Looking for a way to finally catch up with the onslaught of new storage developments? Here are five companies that can help: Medusa Labs, Infinity I/O, Solution Technology, SAN University, and the Evaluator Group.

  • Medusa Labs (, Georgetown, Texas. Medusa Labs is a third-party testing organization launched in 1998. They offer a range of classroom instruction at their facility. Medusa's available topics include: Fibre Channel Instrumentation, Fibre Channel Systems Architecture, Fibre Channel Switched Fabric: An In-Depth Study, and Debug Techniques for SAN Configurations. Courses range in price from $595 upward.
  • Infinity I/O (, El Granada, Calif. Infinity I/O began offering courses in 1995 and claims to be a world leader in Fibre Channel and SAN training. Available courses include: Fibre Channel Executive Briefing (in-house only), Fibre Channel Physical, Marketing Fibre Channel, Configuring Fibre Channel Systems, SAN Hands-On Training, SAN's & SAN, and Fibre Channel for Technicians & Engineers. Courses range upward in price from $595. Starting in Q1 2001, Infinity I/O will also be offering an open systems SAN/Fibre Channel certification program, as well as online training and videos.
  • Solution Technology, (, Boulder Creek, Calif. Solution Technology was formed in 1984, and offers a wide range of seminars covering aspects of computer systems and technologies. Storage-related offerings include: Fibre Channel, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Comprehensive Introduction to Fibre Channel, In-Depth Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop, Fibre Channel - The Physical Interface, Fibre Channel Concepts and Solutions, Fibre Channel Topologies (Arbitrated Loop & Switched Fabric), Hands-on Fibre Channel (includes lab), Understanding Storage Area Networks (SAN), Hands-on Storage Area Networks (includes lab), and, SAN - The Physical Interface. Prices range from $595 for a one-day seminar upward.
  • SAN University, ( SAN University was originally formed as a vendor-neutral pilot program between Amdahl and McDATA corporations in 1999. It was expanded in the year 2000 to provide more education to the IT community on Fibre Channel and storage area networks. Included in its most recent storage course offerings around the U.S. have been the following courses: Fibre Channel SAN Basics, Designing the SAN Infrastructure, and Implementing SAN Solutions (a workshop).
  • The Evaluator Group, ( Englewood, Colo. The Evaluator Group was formed in 1997 to provide in-depth analysis of online storage systems and storage-related issues to vendors and users. The firm's current set of seminar offerings for 2001 include: Multi-platform Disk Subsystem Alternatives, Storage Area Networks (SANs), Open Systems Storage, and Independent Software Vendor Storage Management.

About the author: Alan Earls is a freelance writer in Franklin, Mass.

Site Editor's Note: We know this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to storage training available. Many of the industry's top vendors also provide their own informative training courses. If you know of other good storage training courses, online resources, or certification programs -- please let us know via e-mail. We will do our best to assemble a future list for posting somewhere on searchStorage! Just go to: editor@searchstorage, and type "Training" in the Subject line.

This was last published in December 2000

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