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SAN/NAS tech tips: What's hot this summer?

Network attached storage products, iSCSI, SATA and RAID are hot topics among our readers right now. Check out the top tips of the past few months.

Network attached storage (NAS) products, iSCSI, SATA and RAID -- our readers are showing a strong interest in these topics right now. Check out the top storage area network (SAN) and NAS technical tips from this year so far, learn more about the issues storage professionals like you are currently concerned with and then shut down your computer and enjoy the weather.

  • RAID striping or concatenation: Which has better performance?
    Designing storage for performance can be a very esoteric effort. Learn what variables you should take into account during the design process.
  • SATA: Four worst practices
    This tip outlines four common misuses of SATA drives and details several ways to avoid making these mistakes in your own environment.
  • FC vs. iSCSI: Five tips in five minutes
    Recently, there has been a lot of buzz among storage professionals about how FC and iSCSI stack up. Start learning how these technologies compare so you can make the right decision for your environment.
  • SAN/NAS information

    Why do HBAs in a SAN have same base?

    Programmable storage adapters: Why they actually make sense

    Guidelines for controlling clustering

  • NAS: Top products on the market
    This tip outlines the top NAS products according to a recent survey conducted by Diogenes Labs and Storage magazine. The survey focused on how well the product met the user's needs, so companies with greater market share are not necessarily at an advantage.
  • Storage 101: Using a director switch contributor Rick Cook lays out the features of a director switch and why it could be an advantageous to your particular SAN system.
  • ISCSI SANs: How to alleviate the congestion
    Careful configuration of an iSCSI SAN will usually preclude most problems. But if network performance is still slow, there are several adapter and switch settings that can help speed things up and alleviate network congestion.
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