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Reuse and speed up SCSI storage

Reuse and speed up SCSI storage
By Bob Stuke

With the advent of Storage Area Networks(SANs) many data center professionals are scratching their heads when it comes to reusing drive arrays that are attached to SCSI controllers on File Servers.

You can make them available to the SAN by plugging them up using one of the many SCSI to Fiber Channel(FC) converters on the market. But how do you control the storage once it is on the SAN? And what do you do about performance when there is no disk caching on the drive array?

There are software applications now that will allow you to virtualize all of your storage clusters, control them from one simple interface, allow you to serve up the storage without loading a client on your application servers, and provide memory for caching purposes. And, as you add more heterogeneous storage to your SAN, you can control it with SANsymphony as well.

About the author: Bob Stuke is a Technical Account Manager with DataCore, ( a provider of storage networking software.

This was last published in March 2001

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